A Public Service Announcement


First of all, I would like to publicly thank all who have sent in information to our Cheating / Exploit report email.

We’ve been sorting through and cross-analyzing. This has really helped us on our mission so far.

Looking forward to being able to share more about our banhammer, suspensions, and (hopefully) at some point in the future – regions and numbers!

That being said. Please only send us pictures of screenshots in-game. No uh, anything else.

I’m talking to you @Akearns

lol. But seriously,

Thank you everyone!


No worries, ive made my post on it and will not upload anymore screenshots on this platform, i will keep sending them to the email though.
I do believe though it should be a topic talked about in the community and forums, as it may highlight other people in other regions ,as they may not be aware of certain hacks or cheats, and any data you can provide would be very welcome in that regards ,a PSA of sorts as it will certainly dissuade others from doing so especially if you say (X) number have been manipulating in game data and they have all been banned .

Thanks for the response, i am liking these new forums a lot more if only i can work out how to add memes in properly , but i will figure that out when im at work :thinking:


For sure just… please don’t send us any other pictures.

Burns our eyes, and not to mention – doesn’t help with fighting cheaters. haha


Yea – memes keep timing out for me. :,(