A post to end the speculation would be appropriate

We all know there is an issue with the coins coming out on time. I think a post on the subject to let us all know you are working on it or acknowledging the issue would go a long way for you new said communication. @GR.Scopely or @JB.Scopely


Yes, this is what normal companies or people do. “Sorry im late, traffic was bad.” “Sorry i missed you i was really sick.” “We are having technical difficulties, the problem will be resolved shortly, thank you.” Etc. But we get silence and it leads me to believe that they like this, seeing us ask questions, get upset, etc. Idk but everythings so strange with this game, company, community, so backwards, i swear i am in the twilight zone.


lol this is so deliberate just like the crw bug and the hordes bug. Their troll game knows no bounds


JB posted in the forbidden line chat, and I quote:

“compensation coins being looked into - ty for holding, and apologies for not meeting announced timeline here.”


I checked all regions bc I don’t put it past them to just pick a random region that is attached to your account and dump the coins there.


Its like the company is run by a bunch of 5 year olds only responce you ever seem to get is “not me”"i dont know"or “i didnt do it”


Translation: “No coins will be given- keep surviving”

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thats one of the most fucked up things…they really aren’t as stupid as they pretend to be :joy:


Rule 21 - Play stupid.

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Kalishane begged to differ.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: true

Now where’s the compensation for the delayed compensation? :joy:

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The way things are going these days makes me actually miss Kalishane

Still my favorite meme to this day.

Could be updated with the ways to make more money like
“Let’s shrink the dev team down, transfer the rest to other projects”
" Reset the game add s class with very limited ways to get, new gear, not obtainable from the 5 or 6* version."
" Make everything rng, like rewards, give them a chances at a chance, at a chances at a chance to get the main reward"

They’re Trying to get Scrooge McDuck to give back to the people who put up with his wacky adventures.
Currently he’s locked himself in his vault.We are trying very hard to pry the door open.


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Lol he finally made another chat? How nice of him to leave in a huff and then everyone got the boot, only to make another super secret group?

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Yes? I guess he had to make a new group if us as a community wants more information. There were way too many people in the old group and it was terrible.

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