A possible solution to the growing problem

I realize that for the game to remain profitable it must continually add new players. Unfortunately this is a very mature game and the long time players tend to discourage new ones. I believe I have a solution to this.
Divide the game by player level.
Have entry level Factions that ya new player to lvl 75 can join. Those factions only war/ raid lvl up SR against other factions of that type let’s call this tier 1 factions.

Next make tier 2 faction players level 76-150. Anyone there will only compete against other tier 2 factions.
In tier one no team may compete above S2 level. While someone may get a 6* they can ascend and level they can’t use them at that tier. Once they make tier 2 and join a tier 2 faction they can use any team any rating.

Make it so going up also allows for an expansion to town that gives material conversion an expanded and upgraded character wheel in all thetoon pulls and supply depot. I will essentially turn the game into a original and #2 while continuing to maintain rosters and gameplay.
It will take some developing work. But may keep loyal devoted players in while allowing new players a place to start.

Put a prestige level to new regions merge old ones

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I could of swore that 3-4 months ago they had opened up a few new regions that were locked from people getting in/leaving. I honestly thought that this wasn’t a bad idea…