A possible solution to the abundance of wood?


We all have the full as hell issue with wood, since we can’t upgrade buildings past level 20 and town expansion isn’t on the horizon what do we do? Dump it by stripping down weapons, making as many elegant incense as possible and other craftable crap we probably won’t use.

How about this…

Instead of charging coin to fast track weapon crafting charge 1 Million wood for an 8 hour shortcut?

Ideas to get us more food (and less wood)

I would prefer a wood:food swap but anything to get rid of it would be nice. Aside from wasting it crafting items we don’t need.


That wood be fantastic to swap wood for food as well, even at a 2 wood 1 food ratio



Every raid. Full.

Every farmed level. Full.

They could even make sense to use wood to speed up crafting by saying “keep the fires stoked and ol Earl works faster”


I would be happy with a 100 wood 1 food ratio

Every time I craft something to lose some wood, I am
using items that could be turned into food. Its irksome.


I may solve this problem soon by uninstalling the game.


I’m still a fan of the bonfire, coming in the next major update!


Bonfire sounds about right… winter is coming.


An abundance of wood sounds like a personal thing, bury it and it will go away : p