A possible idea to make the game fairer for all players


How about the possibility of rolling out a system where each character that is used say 5 times, maybe 10 or even 20, is allocated a skill point that can be used to upgrade just 1 level of either Attack, Defence or HP, of the player’s choice.

I’m not up on game mechanics and programming but I do remember that when Prestige was introduced, Scopely were able to back date and allocate specifically and every player was awarded an amount and subsequently a level based on how long they had played, how much they had spent, etc. Long time players would get a significant boost that would make their hard earned rosters of 5 stars not seem to have been a waste of two years and could give players an incentive not to quit while giving newer players something to strive for and would award frequent players and those who spend a lot of time on the game something for their efforts.

This is just a roundabout idea but something along these lines could maybe make a difference?