A positive outlook on Tyler (the new gold brick toon)

Tyler is the new gold brick toon and at first glance he looks on par with James and Christa, a little worse than Angel and much better than Glenn and overall, this will probably be the case in relation to most Tylers you see in the future.

However Tyler has much higher potential as a damage dealer than any gold bar, or other F2P toon released so far by a considerable margin.

Granted his attack stat is pretty low, id personally prefer if his def and hp were 300 lower each and his attack stat 600 higher, if it were he could get up to far above a central Rampage Priya attack stat (not including in-game attack buffs). As most people are aware, a central Priya will get around 21-23k attack stat when surrounded by 35/15s. This is a stat Tyler can equal despite not being a centre toon.

Due to his trait, Tyler has access to the 100% crit craft on his weapon and it is this craft that will elevate him to a top F2P damage dealer. The one downside of this craft is that it will make his +40% crit to self on his AR irrelevant. Being yellow trait also gives him an advantage against the current meta.

If you craft his default weapon to have 45% attack, huge on attack, default 3rd slot and 100% crit, surround him with 2 35/15 weapons and put him behind a Lilly lead, his attack stat on turn 1 will be 13,241 without mods. Not too shabby, but many toons and all damage dealers can reach and even surpass this. However, his weapon grants him +75% attack on a crit hit and he will always crit hit with the 100% craft, so from turn 2 onwards, his attack stat will jump to 23,171. Due to CDII this will also hit 2 other targets on a basic attack. Unlike rampage, these targets will not gain ap.

Due to crit the primary target will receive 150% damage on that hit whilst the 2 others will receive 100% (unlike the 150% from rampage but that’s the trade off for them not gaining ap), but all on a very high attack stat. If any of these targets are blue (eg the current meta) the damage received will be massively compounded. Now when you add mods, a critical set with attack mod, damage against blue, critical damage boost and whatever else you want, will increase his damage significantly further against the primary target.

Anybody who has used a Hengyen with 100% crit and crit damage boosts with set and mod will know how much a 100% crit damage dealer does. Anyone with a 21k+ Priya will know how much damage rampage does on a basic attack.

It’s also worth noting that a 23k attack on a 650% damage to a line AR is pretty damn decent too. Plus +50%attack to 2 isnt to be sniffed at.

Tyler is by no means the best damage dealer in the game and a huge downside is that he has no control, his specialist doesn’t sync with his AR either. And your average Tyler will be an average toon. But a Tyler taken to his top potential will be a great damage dealer and one of the best F2P damage toons yet released and mainly because of his weapon, his specialist and the ability to craft 100% crit.


He can be very very powerfull and a really good alternative 2 Aarav

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Good analysis … but he is the toon we dont need … … let me say what is need in to be usefull…

  1. he has to be better damage dealer than already.
    existing toon
    2)or he should do something that existing toon didn’t
    do as a support
    And he donot fall in any of the above categories…
    We already have monstrous fast damage dealer ‘Arav’
    Which most people already have or will have because he is that good … …and no i am not comparing him to arav …
    Like if he gave his atk buff to all teammates rather than just 2 …he would have instantly moved from useless to superuseful…because he would be then a true support toon …like i dont even know why is he support🤷‍♂️ … …
    And nowadays toons are so tanky its hard to even take out with rush …no one is going to do that much of work on his weapon so he can just use it in his basic attack…
    As it is i see him as damage dealer who cant replace arav …and he is supporte just by role …there is no support going anywhere in his kit …

Agree with a lot of what you say there. Looking at the other side though:
-The only difficult craft needed is slot 4 since the default is what you want the weapon to work around anyway, so it’s not as much work as say a blue elusive-impair with team bonus heal or daze.
-After turn 1 his attack stat will be significantly higher than Aarav can possibly get so his AR will do far more damage. The counterpoint to that will be that he won’t get a 2nd attack like Aarav does - this is admittedly a huge downside in comparison. There are teams though where even an Aarav behind a Lilly next to 2 35/15s wont clear a toon from a line without support. Tyler will certainly have the advantage in these situations.
-His basic attack will hit like an AR so it will make him a very decent choice for Onslaught.
-His AS means that he will be able to clear any impair or slow that is stopping him rushing and also help clear infection from Trader.

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Only promos can be like this

he would be a really good toon if his rush consisted of 2 or 3 basic attacks and not straight up damage to make more use of collateral damage


Yeah I was really confused to see a line attack on a CD toon, a serious lack of syncronisation going on there.

But giving him this, he could be much stronger than most Promos. Why should they do this?
But, with Clementine / Ivanova Lead, paired with AP Doc, a command and Franklin u can make a really hard hitting F2P Team.

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That’s a fair point.
I’ve been considering him (when he’s released and beefed up with the right crafts - getting ahead of myself here lol) behind Lilly with an Aarav, Doc and Command in the team… Anything that Aarav can’t clear Tyler could since his AR will hit harder. It would just be difficult to pull Princess out of that team (for Tyler to fit in) since her AR and AS is just so good. I’m looking forward to seeing the potential of a 650% damage on a 23k attack (more with mods) toon though!

It’s ok because his weapon holds it all together…

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If the weapon can give you 100% it would be ok, however i think thats not the case, even with the weapon there is no guarantee that always crit, have that slot with Hengyen and there is some times that he doesnt crit, specially on his second attack.

Crit expert will always crit. The only reason you did not crit with Hengyen is because the double attack on his weapon will not proc crits.

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anyone have an idea of when Tyler will actually be available?

They just said later this month. They didn’t give a date.

I have 100% crit on Hengyen and it crits 100% of the time (the one and only exception is walkers with crit resists). I used him as part of my main attack for over 6 months so I am absolutely sure on this.

Even on the double attacks ? the 1st attack crits, but the second one sometimes it does and some others dont

Destruction level 4, critical expert?

Not 100% sure on the 2nd attack as I always just see it says critical, I assumed it was the case for both. But without a doubt that first attack and any basic attack always crits 100% of the time. Double attack not making a crit won’t be an issue for Tyler though.


To clarify, Hengyen’s AR is a multi-hit AR of two attacks. Each of those attack can trigger the double attack weapon effect on his weapon. While the both attacks of his multi-hit AR can crit, the double attack from his weapon won’t.

So assuming his weapon effect activates both times and he has crit expert weapon effect, Hengyen is dealing 4 hits.
1st hit: Multi-hit attack that will Crit
2nd hit: Double attack weapon effect damage
3rd hit: Multi-hit attack that will crit
4th hit: Double attack weapon effect damage.

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