A plea for 5* toons

Desperate for more 5* toons. Either in the form of 5* tokens or roadmap rewards. I had that big ole pile of Eugenes from the Benedict conversation, but that supply has dwindled as I’ve chased down another 3 s class toons.

What would be great is a 5* token roadmap that awarded 10k a day and was farmable.

… Wishful thinking …


Eh? Hasnt it been raining 5 star tokens for the last 6 months? I feel like Scrouge Mcduck swimming in his pool of gold coins when it comes to 5star tokens.


I’ve had a few 10 pulls on that wheel, but I need more. A lot more.

I’ve only got like 40 left. I’d feel pretty secure if I had like 200

Basic tokens drop lots of 5*.

You are correct. I also have a stupid number of those. It says 100 pull, I wish I had an idea of how many I actually had.

Ask support, they actually answer that

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Great for level up now with the new system.

i dont even save epics anymore. i just turn any i get into trainers instantly. even ascendables.

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Plenty tokens lol!!


Dang, now that’s a fat bank account. How about you send a couple 10 pulls my way :rofl:

This is a Joke yes😂

I find it bad that 5 stars are more useful currently than most 6*.

I stopped pulling on the 5* token wheel when they gave us all those Eugenes and have already got more than 200k. So there doesn’t seem like much of a shortage to me 🤷

War onslaught sometime raid tourney …
Give 5star token

If level up gives live 5k -10k 5star token for those who are not in top 10

It would be good for people who are missing 5star recruit
Sorry cant share

U must be pretty lucky I usually get 1 or 2 5* a :100: pull

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One of the reasons I need a lot more 5* is because I am running out of the gear I need to keep tiering up 6* on lvl up. So I want to start boosting 5* because I have plenty of that gear

Idk, I don’t check just usually pull 500 or so and notice lots in my roster

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