A perfect example of the lack of communication

If your looking for a problem with communication you only need to look this far.

Out of the top 6 threads this week there has only been one comment by a scopley employee, and that was to close it, yet a thread with 2 comments has been replied to
We feel like we are being completely ignored and there isn’t adequate responses to valid concerns yet puff threads always get replies, why is this, you just aren’t listening to feedback.


So sad but so true, it’s the same mentality that if you can’t see it or hear it there isn’t anything there

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No comment… :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

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Gotta get those pancakes :sunglasses:

At least Eric (aka foxtrot) didn’t pretend to care like someone else does, if you know what I mean. It was less aggravating that way.

I agree with OP. Although Shane, can only do so much, and i believe that. It seems like none of our concerns at all are being addressed.

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Sadly im just seeing a Help from the Develops. The Combat boys and Agrajag. Hearing out our Problems and seeing tons of Replies from them. Nothing else here is a Help for the Players. Our Feedback goes right into the Trash. Reading that our Feedback is ‘important and help’ .
But I diddn’t see a single change which helped the ‘player first’ attitude. More like a Mistake. Not Player first… Whale-First…

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Not even whales first, they were the ones hit hardest by the 6* buff, more whales have quit recently than f2p players

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Objectively though. The f2p players moan about the whales, the whales are quiting and they are still upset?

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Ofc many Whales left the Game. But many Whales spent also too on the 6*.

Yea, threads bullying an Admin will not be tolerated.

I have every right to post in positive threads and build up community members as you do.