A o and b letters for event

Anyone figure out how to get those A O and B letters for this new event?

I got B from arenas

What about D?

if people work it out do put it under here next to no info is dumb af

Its very much rare get the B and A,this event is for high spenders and pay to play players


D is done by replaying the last stage of the roadmap. Have to kill ten shivas.

Could A be for Ascendance?

Grind arenas. 100% f2p. Only 7-8 tickets used.


Nope not for ascendance

I’ve used 7 so far haven’t gotten any needed letter

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B.R.A.I.N D.E.A.D. are the letters that come to mind for this event…:unamused:


I got a couple letters from Arenas but have also gotten alot of X Z V Q etc

All I need is a 2nd Y.

Congrats I’m used to continuous disappointment w my game experience so no news, I already started this event not expecting anything

Don’t get y from areas just level up yellow character

Rng events are the absolute worst.

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You need 2

The other letters are random drops in arenas, as spoken in their blog post.

Yes, it’s not very obvious…

I don’t get how you get the d or p lol

Run the last stage of the roadmap to kill shiva, use the hollow point battle item 10 times while doing it