A new war way to try

Dont know if this has been suggested allready but how about to do a league war ?

You face every faction in your faction league in that way it will be a even activity and strength

The strong will meet the strong the middel will meet the middel and so on

isent that a fair and fun war to try?

Yes some strong faction is in a low league but they will keep moving up fast

and it shud make the faction try to get higher in league to see where there at

and the top faction dosent have to swap region to meet in crw to see who is nr1

And The mid/low faction dosent have to get crushed from top factions and get stuck whit bad matchups think its a win win for every1


Was definitely suggested before.

Easy work around… Use an alt to hold the real faction in place. Everyone else move to a newfaction so you start at bronze and destroy anyone in your leagues.

I will say it again and again and it will continue to upset people but here it is…

This “game” doesnt require the skill that people think or that pther games do, you get lucky with toons, mods, weapons and even with all the best of the best you still have to get lucky in lets say a war fight with weapons proc, etc.

Most people dont want a fair fight, competition, they want to rake in rewards, you also have to take into account the gamblers mind, if they spend $30 but win $20 back, they think they won.

It sounds good on paper, sounds like a good idea, i am for it tho, bring more events to the game but could be exploited and this is basically what onslaught is, just for some reason scopes doesnt want it to have milestones or final rewards worth a damn, but as i said, the gamblers mind and so they will spend on onslaught and so it will stay the same.

League war could be great provided the rewards for diamond are better then everything below it since you’d be fighting monsters every war

I think no one spent on onslaught so they stopped having it. Along side everyone complaining how boring it is…i disagree but alot thought we would see it more and see improvements to it. There wasnt. I imagine it didnt have the activity they thought it would.

Yea i know some ppl will try to do a new faction but i think they will get to bored to fast cose if a active faction joins a no active league for war they will have long search time and all that and it will get boring fast

And to get to a disent level of activity in a new faction they will need to keep some ppl in it all the time to keep them going up and it will hurt there main faction if they miss players in every faction event

but for the low active factions when they spin they will meat a faction that dont destroy them in less then 5 mins and when they notis that i think it can bring more activity to there factions in wars to

Yes is shud be better rewards for higher league ranks that will keep ppl trying to get higher in faction league

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And do bronze and silver to 6vs6 to fill a littel faster

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The fact that they though onslaught would generate revenue is funny.

What’s that an event with no proper rewards so no incentive to play. Sign me up and I’m buying so the first round of energy is on me fellas. :wink:

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I’m hoping they 4vs4 this war.

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