A New Threat is living up to it's name


I’m liking this event more now because every pull I make it seems to be a true threat. Apparently Scopley must have rigged my account with the walkie talkie curse because that’s all I been getting the whole event. Also the excessive farming and wait times for roadmaps to open up. This right here is a true threat. I hope to get at least one toon from the wheel before this event ends. If not, then ole well. Lol #WalkieTalkieCurse!


Damn we out of luck. Haha




What? …


So far I’ve pulled a walkie, 2 school bags, and a briefcase


I know, it sucks for us :frowning:


serious question, do you really want one of the toons from the wheel? I got Glenn and was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t some at least half decent gear. I know it could have been a bit of old gear, but I was far happier when I pulled a GPS yesterday.


Yea, I would love anyone on the wheel except Negan.


I’ve so far received 2 school bags, a canteen, Romanov and a tripod.


ok cheers, I know that I am hoping for tier 4 gear every time I pull on that wheel. and maybe a watch or radio or something. I have been getting so many 5* characters recently that will never see the light of day, that to get one when some useful gear is a possibility isn’t actually that great for me at the moment.


The event is a flop for me. The rate those maps unlock and the lack of lucille tokens as tourney prizes and milestones is pretty pathetic (should I even mention crap duplicates?). This should have been 3 weeks long tops, they’re beating it like a dead horse.


Canteer, School Bag and Long Coat.

Can we just end this event already so we can get to the bloody Assault? I’m tired of pulling worthless stuff.


Glenn, tripod and glove. Would have loved to pull Negan or at least schoolbags (I only have 3) or watches (I have 0).


2 tripods, one schoolbag


Yeah, all crap, but at least it’s free. Haha