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No Mod event scheduled prior to the upcoming war. The last Mod event was November 29-30. There was none in December (albeit 2 were run in November) and now none will be ran through January 11th. That will be 6 weeks without a mod event. Meanwhile numerous tournaments have been ran where the prize is… you guessed it, MODS. So we get new mods, pretty frequently, we spend scrap to level them up, then spend even more scrap to try to move them around to replace, improve or alternate set ups. And we are capped at 13K a day which is just shy of replacing 2 full gold sets.
Holy Shit


Ooo I was expecting more my good sir.

Yes mods free please.

Don’t they want me to properly advertise these holiday toons?

The Free Mod Removal event will start today at 4pm PT and will last for 24 hours, as per usual :slight_smile:


You are a man of the people

Actually it’s just enough to do 1 full gold swap… 12,500 to replace 5, level 15 gold mods.


How about a login event @JB.Scopely you’re deflecting

You are right lmao


I love you

The mod removal didn’t start on time. Good job JBot

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Lol rivers

it didnt happen…please take it to the team. .lmfao

par for the course in 2019… its broken @JB.Scopely . splash screen shows it should be active. its 30 min in roughly and mods still show a cost for removal.

It was delayed at first, sure it ended up showing up a bit after, but how hard is it to copy and paste it? You do it to everything else.

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