A new s class typhoon?

ive heard that her name is like daiyu???


That’s right

Looks like she is an Defense toon and could well go with Laopo in defense… :smiley:

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symbol is damage dealer


I see, but still more HP/DEF than Attack - exiting about the skills :slight_smile:

she is a bleed toon that gives trauma and crosshairs


She is a bleed toon who will most probably go nice with raulito

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She’s not a Typhoon character. She’s a Scopely original character that borrows from the Typhoon atmosphere.

She’ll be a great character to pair with other bleed characters as she’ll be a Lacerator and headhunter.

She’ll come as a support to Wangfa, but can fit in a Raulito lead team also. Paired with Wangfa, that combo will be the equivalent of an S-Class version of Jiangfeng.

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She’s a dual specialist

I wish she was next war specialist toon like kappor
And they keep on pumping dual specialist toons as war exclusive toons
But who r we kidding , scopely will just release it as a promo


Once they start pumping out tough guys we’ll be able to use strong toons again but right now there’s too many s-class alert toons to even try. I even had to retire Diego cuz he dies first turn nowa days


Вы забыли про них

That’d be sweet if that Marlon was a 6* turned into a s-class. Like how we ascend 5* but I doubt it

One of those 2 characters will most likely be the prize from WoC.

it’s Marlon the green

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This Frost guy looks like some good old GI Joe to me :grin:


I was thinking star Wars lol

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I got ya. I didnt notice that at first

She does doesn’t she. Hopefully she won’t rat out Elina :frowning: