A new rewards System


Hi scopely community !

We all know the best moments in this game is the moment we do pulls ,

I want to do more and more pulls

Scopely did some good things lately ,

So I was thinking scoply since all players like pulls so much , why don’t we get a new type of tokens (like RTS tokens ) as milestones or/and rewards in lvl up Raid and SR tournament
But we don’t want the new tokens to be limited time we want them to be like any other tokens in the game , however the wheel will be refreshed each 15-25 days
The rewards in that wheel will be anything ( weapons , toons , gears , weapons part ,mod boxes ,…)
Absolutely anything

You already did that once (remember the wheel with Duane and his pistol )
It was the best event we ever had .

And of course you can run this event alongside with any limited time tokens events (Lucky tokens , …)

@JB.Scopely plz read this and work on it if you like the idea .


Leave it at Toons.


They can’t continue giving away top premier toons in events like this, it will make whales stop spending & how ever much people may dislike whales they are the ones that fund the game so we all do need them to keep spending.

A compromise may be to make the wheel permanent but have the tokens awarded in events at very low rates, maybe 3 for top 10, two for top 100 & one for top 200.

It would take a few months to get enough tokens for a pull but gives something to work towards.


Yep like offer new players 300 year 3 tokens for a buck and then pretend it was a mistake and gave everyone 3 useless 4-stars as compensation.

This game… :rofl:


I just want to encourage them ,lol
We all know scopely never did thing for players
Everything scopely do is for the sake of money .

Even if they give f2p decent toons and they never do (at least since 6*), I still suspect their actions cause maybe they want p2p players to spend more lol

No one trust Scopely


I remember that shitty wheel, I hated it!!! I pulled garbage 2* and 3* gear & weapons. Real fun busting your butt to get tokens and pull Three 3* Heavy Machine guns and 2* waist packs. Don’t say anything lol it should only stuff that’s not easily accessible like toons and legendary tier 4 gear.


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