A new region idea

Many regions are very low on active players/ or are dying. Im sure most will agree. Now heres a thought: what if you could move regions but have to pay 1000 gold coins to transfer your account there? Please do explain your views.

  • Worth it
  • I agree with the idea but way too much coins
  • Terrible idea
  • Not worth it

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We should not be required to pay for something that’s a crucial part of the game - activity.


I agree I’d prefer it be done for free but if they set the price at 1000 gold I’d glady pay if my region was dead. 1000 gold isn’t that much really, a little over 10 days of watching videos for coins as i get 30 videos per day for 3 coins each usually.

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But we have to sadly also think about scopley. how will they benefit from this? how will it be a win-win situation? to make it fair for both parties we should be allowed to move regions but atleast pay a small fee. it would only be fair.

Yeah exaclty it isnt way too hard but its enough for both to be happy. i would love it to be free too but we have to think on both side of the fences

I can’t understand anyone choosing terrible idea. If anything the option for agree but too expensive should be chosen. Anyone choosing terrible idea is basically saying once your region dies you should have to quit the game.

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Exaclty lol i was wondering that myself.

The moment we have to pay for something thats an actual demand for a game to be play-able is the moment they should pull the plug.

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no not necessarily, some regions could be dying but others more active then a bee hive. its all about evening out the table. you cant just assume that one or two regions are dying therefore i should pull the plug.

Sorry but i simply disagree and if i’d be forced to pay just so i can play in a crowded region i’d quit myself regardless the outcome.

you dont have to use real money to move regions lol. from lvl 100-125 they give out over 2000 coins so its free not “forced to pay” AND its all about experimenting you may like it you may not.

Plus as @Jason_theMofo said you could just watch videos every day for like 10 days

Scopely’s solution to dying servers is the ever increasing amount of brand new regions they open. They have opened around 6 new EN regions within the past 2-3 months because they know most of them are filled with veteran players who will spend to get ahead.

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I never mentioned real money though. I shouldn’t be forced to spend my ingame currency which can be obtained through whatever way - I dont give a damn about which one - on such a thing. I wanna spend them on pulling toons, repairing in war and such. Not on something the players should’ve earned by now.

Nobody said you have to, they may not even make such a feature. No use arguing about it if you already said no.

Free for all mergers would destroy everything… People would leave for many reasons other than inactivity. The lower place factions would leave because they were tired of losing or a dominating faction would move together to a new region just to concur…

If they do ever allow people to leave a region, it should only be an option for truly dying regions and the entire region should be split up and spread out to other regions. This would prevent hostile faction take overs and people who just want to jump ship because they can’t win in the region they are in…

this is a very tricky topic

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I chose terrible idea because.

  1. I shouldn’t have to pay because Scopely can’t keep the game exciting enough to prevent the player base from dying.

  2. It would be abused by spenders jumping around looking for a region to dominate. Why end up third when for 1,000 coins you can jump ship and be first?

  3. New regions would be inundated with old time players and the current six star era isn’t particularly friendly for those playing catch up. Yes you could block new regions, but as soon as you open up moves from old regions, you’ll kill off any new players thereby starting the decline of the “new” region.

  4. You’d kill off regions which are barely surviving - not everyone would want to leave but those left would certainly quit a lot faster than currently.

I’m assuming that OP means you could choose a region, because if it was random (and we all know how Scopely love themselves some RNG) then I’d add point 5 saying you’d lose all your faction mates who are still active meaning you’re pretty likely to see a significant drop off in the people who do move. Some of us are coming up to three years in this game and have some strong relationships with players in our regions.

a good basis for an idea but if it ever did happen it should only be allowed for the regions with the lowest amount of activity/active players and they should be limited to choices of regions which are in the mid ranges in terms of activity. This way region activity becomes more balanced overall.

There should be a limit on moves because people may take advantage and look for regions where they can dominate or whatever…

I would also say you shouldnt have to pay for it because why would you? Would this mean Completely F2P people get a choice of sitting and watching as their low activity region becomes a desolate waste land or paying scopely for the privilege of continuing to play the game as it should be played?

My initial thoughts there. I’m not sure how necessary it would be though as it could possibly be easier to just make more events cross region and will probably never happen anyhow…

My region isn’t bad yet it’s still active enough but it’s not great and it is declining just as every old region is or will. I have seen a region that had only 3 factions left on the active war leaderboard. They really have no option but to quit or start over and neither of those is fair especially when they invested 2 years and money into the game. Just imagine if this happens to your region there has to be a solution other than “too bad, so sad”. Scopely doesn’t seem to want to do region merges so that leaves migration unless someone else has a great idea that they’ve never mentioned before.

There was a region merge years ago. Pretty sure it required a shit load of effort from Scopley (allegedly) and didn’t result in anything other than a faster decline of the region’s merged. Not saying migration or merging isn’t the answer, but certainly not the merging mechanic as worded in the poll so I’m stating why I picked “Terrible Idea”.

I’m in Decatur, an OG region from launch. It’s pretty dead. By no means is it the worst but we can see the path laid out before us when we see what is going on in other OG regions. Therefore I fully see the need for a solution, but I’m also acutely aware that the wrong solution runs a high risk of the death of the region as much as no solution does

Nah. The problem is only that there is no consistency so the player base never acclimated to the happenings when a region activity drops below a given threashold. Without such you are left with over reaction on all sides.

Maybe they merged too soon and activity target should have been lower. They never actually tried to tune it to improve upon what they had set out to do, they just slammed two regions together, said ‘boohoo feedback is negative’ then walked away. The right solution takes interating on a given strategy, but hey look who we are talking about here. They don’t give a shit.