A New Museum Gear Collection for 1 Month! Guess what? No WHETSTONES


Thanks to whoever decided this

Does anyone know when the gear museums start or is their never gonna be one

Guess what? I only pulled whetstones on the diamond ring collection. so no problem for me.


I believe that VK hasn’t leaked the whole collection yet. This seems to be another collection similar with many in the past. So, there’s bound to be a character there.

I don’t believe that they would put gear for all colors except yellow, it would be against every other event that they launched in this format.


how long does it usually take for another event of this kind to start?


According to the Survival Road Tournament milestones, it’s due to start today. Maybe around the same time the tournament starts, 2 PM Pacific Time or something like that.


Im following 2 pages in Vk they both confirm that there are no Whetstones


Scopely have stiffed us before, but i’ll reserve judgement until event goes live.

Would be a major cock up if they miss 1 of 4 peices of gear…


that soon? any confirmed character that takes Abraham`s place?


None has been leaked yet.


No, i dont think so, this event seems to be a lot shorter too. I think its just a shit event.


My biggest concern is only 3 canteens and gps can be collected. Wish I could use the toons I did pulls for, gear being throttled back is a joke.


^^^^This. So much this.^^^^


Not confirmed if this isnt the whole list likely more to be released through out the day.


no way there`s only 5 items, if its only 5 then they lost their minds


I would be very surprised if whetstones aren’t included when the event goes live tbh, may just not have been added yet?


As surprised as I would be if whetstones weren’t added, I wouldn’t be surprised at scopely for missing or not including them.


lol you might be forgetting that there is a row above that picture? with dummies and gloves and other epic gear, like whetstones. 4 items for t3ing 6stars plus the whetstones make 5 items. a whole row


why is there “bound to be a character there”? these are the VK screenshots and your already arguing with them? whats gonna happen when the event actually starts?


Pics? proof? anything at all…


And right on cue…no whetstones lol