A New Idea By Musk

I would like to see a system where we can trade our unwanted 6s for the gear wasted on them (Not included food obviously) and maybe this can go for 5s aswell because I hate having useless 5* from 2 years ago and in which I would most likely not use them. In addition maybe we can get back the lilliths and Ulysses that we’re used for ar and active skill

I’m pretty sure people would want to get gear there gear back from unwanted or useless 5-6 Stars and I sure people would like to get 10 lillths and 8 Ulysses back.

I like to hear from the community would there be any cons to this system if it was put in-game?


When I saw “Musk,” though you meant

In all seriousness, that would be a loss for Scopely. A gear bottleneck exists for a reason, and that reason is to get you to spend on all those ridiculously overpriced offers. And there isn’t a doubt in my mind that people actually buy those, therefore something that gives you legendary gear in any form is never, ever going to be implemented by Scopes. Not gonna happen, sorry.


I could see there being an option for getting partial gear back for some cost in trading (coins or a token of sort) but anything that scopley would dream up likely wouldnt make it worth it. I understand why gear isnt given freely in mass amounts. Its part of the game, being choosey on who you upgrade. However as meta changes it would be cool to be able to possibly get something on return via a trade system.

So maybe like, say, you level a character and get some form of token which you can exchange for gear.

So basically the league store?

I suppose but he in fact wants to exchange a character he( or she) no longer wants to use for gear or trainers back.

Well guess only thing stopping this idea is scopleys greed for money

I like the idea but Prestige 15 coming shows what is really going on lol.

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