A new, hilarious low

There aren’t any S class recruits in the S class wheel. Classy!


is that ever written
to get the s-class you need two legendary and enough cards to trade in


In other words, the odds are now way less than the typical, ridiculous, 0.2%. And no toon to pull for.

Have always been since lotofpoo

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Have the Sclass toons ever been in the wheel? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. The first ones didn’t even have the regular version in there, I think.

Then again, I didn’t pay too much attention because I don’t really do pulls.

Good of you to point out that this silliness has been going on longer than i realized.

I thought they were, at first. I’ll be corrected. :slight_smile:

at the start with pete you couldn’t pull him at all and had to buy him with keys, then they changed things and i think put normal priya on her own wheel, and then changed it again so you had to buy two regular copies and trade them in for the s-class, now with a 100 pull guarantee since heng i think, might be wrong on some of this but thats how much they back-i mean, changed their plans in six or seven months

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They are in the wheel. I got these today.


Congrats! A faction made got 2 5* versions of him :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I hope he’s as good as I think he is because I spent all my coins on him :sweat_smile:

Op is talking about s class version. The five star version have been available in all wheels except original priya.

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One of them is now literally called the S class premiere wheel.


S class has never been in the wheel. The premiere recruits in the wheel are able to turn into S class and you can collectibles for them

says “chances at at S-Class Wangfa Cards & 6* Wangfa”

to play devils advocate there is no mention of getting a straight s-class toons so no new hilarious low just standard low.


That’s what I thought! You can get S class stuff and ability but not actual S class! Its misleading. Its a misrepresentation and the name need to be changed to “available S class items” lol.


Lol… Well, in the past people supposedly had something like a ridiculous 0.2 % chance to get something they wanted. Looked at in that way, no one should ever win anything. Those are preposterous odds. Now, as my error has been pointed out to me, apparently there were never actual S class wheel pulls. My point stands though, with the present system, the odds are completely unknowable and i dare to say considerably less than 0.2 %. Which brings us to “buckets”, the probable reason anyone gets anything worthwhile, ever. A new low.

The odds in the new system that you get a particular character are 100 percent, even if you don’t pull for that character at all. All you need is to grind, commit at some point, and, well, wait for months.

All pulling does is speed up this process. Unfortunately, they don’t give us enough information to tell us by how much we can speed it up, but the first 100 pulls definitely shorten the time frame by one fifth, and possibly two fifths, plus some unknown extra.

Whether this speedup is remotely worth the cost… well.

On the positive side, this system means that only people willing to invest heavily will have him quickly. While this makes competing at the very top even less feasible if you’re not willing to invest that much, at least it will not become quite as stupid quite as quickly for everyone else.

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