A new forum erases all old ills?


Hello Kalishane

As pleased as I am with the new forum, I have a number of issues as leader of a faction which has come first twice in cross region war, and is 1st on an old but competitive server.

The uncalled for buff to 6* stats immediately before war. This was almost certainly not called for by any players I know. The prior balance was actually manageable; 5* were still clearly useful whilst obviously inferior. A buff immediately before war definitely messed up a lot of people; the magnitude of this was clearly perceived as a cheap money grab to try and push us to pull more 6*.

Many of us at prestige 12 or 13 were nervous about 6*, but at a stroke all became clear. Whether you’ve spent $10k or $25k or whatever, your roster has essentially become worthless in a stroke. It took years of hard work and a lot of money to build up my roster; I’m not prestige 13 but I have an empathy for those who are.

I understand evolution. But this change was more like mutation.

Moreover, the worse crime is that the change of meta is making the game much more boring.

I enjoyed the variety of teams I would find when raiding or in war. Toons, weapons, etc offered a great deal of enjoyment. I could run 4-5 different raid teams and sincerely enjoy different play styles, all from toons hard won or bought.

I’m sorry to say there are three basic leaders for 6* teams and not many 6* to choose from. So, even worse than messing up 2 years’ worth of investment (weekends, evenings doing planning, team training, etc), you have now made a genuinely challenging and enjoyable game tedious. Or even more tedious (we all love farming, I’m sure…)

I would say if Scopely’s intention was to annoy old players and get them to leave - which I suspect it was - well, it was a home run. There is absolutely no way I will spend like I did in previous years, and nor will most of my faction mates or people on the server.

I’m trying to keep my people motivated and interested, but screwing over their entire investment and making the game tedious is somewhat demotivating for them.

‘Pass it on to the team’. See what runs up the flag. Etc

Can I remind you all the point of a game is to provide something fun that people want to play, and make money because of that?


Moreover. You guys went back in every single thing you said you wouldn’t do.

6* dropping fully ascended? Never? Whoops, now we’re going to do that in Premier Recruits.

No tier 4 6* for a very long time? Nope, and not only that, cheaters can purchase the necessary gear from VK. slow clap

I’m trying to go through the old ascendance FAQ thread on the forums to hold you to account and tick off the list of other broken promises, but the sticky has disappeared from the old forum. Well, I am indeed surprised…


I’d like to know what precisely was considered offensive in my now hidden post. I accused Scopely openly of unethical practices. I continue to do so. You may have whatever version of that you prefer.