A NEW characters going to be released yet?

Just wondering if there is a new character going to be released or an ascendable :crossed_fingers:
as the last one was Diego and that was a while ago.

Maybe Rick and Douglas for Valentine’s Day?


Doesn’t really seem to fit the theme, but then again, how do Bruce or Sandy connect to 20,000 tires and 25 steering wheels? :man_shrugging:


I’m assuming something that resists disarm, since I now have one lol


Maybe to stick with the snowflake theme going around they will have a toon who throws hearts for his weapon and has cupid active skill that shoots a rubber arrow into ones heart that stuns them due to being in love.

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Diego was a new character but wasnt really available to everyone


Everyone had an amazing 0% chance to get Diego :rofl:


I got a nice picture. Loved the f2p aspect of that. I xan hang it on my fridge.

Honestly a Valentine’s Day themed stunning yumiko sounds pretty fun


Maybe a red tip arrow as well

Neither are new premier toons. So no new F2P have been released

Why can’t it be Eugene huh? You saying she is ugly?

And no Valentines event this year :frowning:

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Yumiko uses a bow.

Am looking forward to another power creep toon myself. Perhaps a specialist that gives bonus hp to his teammates when he crits. While having a rush that gives bonus hp and active skill that gives bonus hp. Even a bound weapon that has a great chance of giving bonus hp when attacking.

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Maybe Yumiko wearing 5* Mirabelles outfit?

Or maybe Axel wearing the Mirabelle outfit, any will do


Eugene has a mullet.

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The one thing we could count on was Scopes releasing a new toon every week so they could take massive amounts of money. They can’t even do that right

They are preparing to do that every 3 days now.

It’d be more likely to have a new Eric and Aaron