A new ascendance event


Me and most of the people I know apart from very few are low on the medals needed for ascendance I have 8 ascendables 5 ready at level 80 yet I can’t ascend them due to the lack of medals


We literaly had 3 events last week with ascendable medals as rewards…


And what were they? I have no recollection of any event based around ascension medals.


Level up. CRW part one had them at 50k milestones but were nearly impossible to reach


Prioritize which 5s need ascending. If you ascend like 40 5s(and in reality only use like 10-20), obviously you’re going to be low on those resources.


What I mean is remember when 6* were only just added it would be nice to have an event like that again and maybe one every 4-6 months


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