A message from the past

how many of you still have the “world at war” message


My inbox was wiped twice, but I remember many of the old events where we competed for 4* characters

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i still have 4☆ rick and dwight. those toons were everything for me my first 4☆ ever

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i remember this


I barely remember it…the good ole daze

Yeah, the days of good times and before everything took a direct route down schitt’s creek :thinking:

The good ole days


Hes not so limited now lol I have like 4 of them…but I did get the michonne head as f2p back then… and he was op for 5* era… sure put beth to good use too…

Good times… I hope that negan is a legacy 6* … being limited and all…

lol have the same one. Still waiting my Michonne head… Jk lol

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Aka headgate
I spent over 300 bucks trying to get head from Machonne
Only to get a crap ton of yellow safety helmets

Still the best event ever. Tons of new characters to mess around with, thematic and tonal consistency across the event, clearly laid out instructions, parameters, and schedules, no money or full-time playing required, new player friendly, good writing, and just an overall sense of fun. The recent John/maggie event was similar, but on a MUCH smaller scale. It was really fun to work up from the 3 stars onto the 4 stars, and then get a useful 5 star.

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I liked the Call To Arms event that every region had their own milestones to finish to get rewards for.