A memory of the glorious past


When prices in wars were toons.

Since a long time, every event is boring because every event prices are likely the same.

We are starting thinking scopely is digging its own grave for purpose…


When Ultra Rares and Epics were heavilly used, too.

Remember back when most of us used Ultras as Leaders for Defense Teams? Some Epics didn’t have Leader Skills just yet, but they were great addition to the team.

Not to mention that they were considered as overpowered as Legends are nowardays to Epics. Let’s say that this rarity and Pay To Win overpower will keep increacing as long as the company feels more and more ambitious. And not in a good way.


Wars needs a great coop in faction and the prices are very weak compared to the investment it needs unfortunately.


Last one was Pam… RIP


i remember farming for events…the good ole days…11 hours of tapping just to get a glorious 5 star toon…


after they messed up and gave everybody 50 wendys its just been lamer and lamer consolation prizes


Siddiq ascendable in a CRW


There will be another collection character for this upcoming war. (You’ll know more tomorrow)

Please do not spread false information about the game – thank you everyone!


I remember when events had farmable tokens. Those were the good times :frowning:


How are they false


I’d rather it be an exclusive war reward and not one that everyone can get by getting top 100 in some level ups


Game is like watching paint dry these days it’s hard to even be excited about anything on it


Why complain we getting a nice blitz to test new teams and placeholder as prize :slight_smile:


Hey @kalishane can you tell us if this CRW is going to be like the last one when we were battling 8 regions??? Because that sucks to battle so many regions. I think it was better when we battled like 3-4 other regions.


Agreed!!! 8 is way to many.


Didn’t she say you will know more tomorrow???
Follow instructions much…nope, because yaw like some drama club kids up in here. We don’t get what we want when we want… Damn make your own damn game… Grow tf up ffs. IMO OFC :grin::joy::joy::joy:


Hi, nice too read that but the fact is there is no false information here, every thing is based on passed experiences.

We hope what you are saying is true because you said that long time ago.


kalishane its tomorrow. please tell us now


It’'s better because our region is very active and it’s very hard to win the war againt less active region with top lvl factions.


False comments aside, there’s a lot of validity to the player gripes with regards to prizes. @kalishane - it’s not even on implied value (i.e. an Aden is worth more than tokens, or T3 gear is worth more than XXX). It’s the feeling of actually playing for something… and in the early days it was playing for something unique. I recall when people first got a peek at Monica and Jose back in the days, or Erin - people were legitimately pumped for war. Cans, repairs, etc… people would go all out for it. I’m not saying that we don’t all need/ want Aden and other trainers, or T3/T4 gear (especially canteens!!!), but when the prize lot, whatever it may be, becomes a repetitive cycle, it has a psychological effect on the player base. People start feeling the, “Wait, why does it feel like we are playing for the same prizes over and over and over and over?”

I used to spend on the game because it had value to me. It was worth spending my $$$ for the entertainment value received. Now I won’t do any more than a 10 pull or 2 on a nice promo (i.e. Michonne) with Tapjoy and 30 day pass coins. I just don’t feel like I’m really playing for anything. Whether it be a raid tourn, level up, or survival road - it all has just become so repetitive that I just don’t look forward to logging in each day.