A member has only got "half the story"


A member of my faction informed me that she has progressed to Area 17 in World Map, but story mode and area/stage completion rewards ended for her at Area 6. Has anyone else experienced this glitch? Thanks.


My second account experienced this glitch. Your faction mate is going to have to do the levels that have the shine around them.


Go back to Area 6, look for any stages that are highlighted. There will be one somewhere. Complete it and continue working back up. It’s a glitch that pops up on occasion.


You’re saying she has to go thru and re-complete the stages she’s already completed? And the stages will be highlighted?


Yeah. The stages will have a glow and it will play the cutscene. I know it sucks but it’s the only way I am currently aware of.


Another glitch scopley will never fix that they should


Okay, thanks for the info! I appreciate it, of course, I’m not the one that has to replay those stages. Lol I know my fac. member won’t be happy.