A little help for my main team (6*)?

Hi ! i need help to make my main team , i have difficulties to make a good team and i don’t know where to place my characters for a 6* team.

Here my 6* characters :

Sandy lead then Louis, james, solange and yumiko

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Red sandy lead for her ap gain, yellow yumiko, James, blue zeek and Louis - the reasoning here is sandy can apply some control with her taunt, give her a stun gun if you have it. She can also revive if needed. Yellow yumiko has an active ap gain, her rush can do attack up to help. Give her a weapon with high crit so she can confound people. James heavy damage, will do majority of damage. Blue zeek his active focus can help if there are human shields, fast rushing toon that can stun 2. Execute can help finish a toon off with high defence. And Louis can disarm and do a high damage output. Work on Marlon and Rosie - great great toon tbh

Is that Camilla and Lacerator Rick I see on line 2? If so, get them ascended ASAP, gives you instant options.

Doesnt have a kenny so you can Depot your whole roster

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I have two Kennys. Does that make me king of the game?


That makes you a loyal man.Loayal to everything

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