A little cloudy on the definition


Soon and Shortly must mean entirely different things in Scopelyland…

Over a year ago we were told new World missions were coming “soon”…

Today, 5 hours ago or so, we were told the calendar would be updated “shortly”

Still waiting for both…


Yeah, I’ll say. Finally finished Hilltop yesterday and seriously, I have seen nothing regarding the expansion of the world map. I don’t know how long it takes for Scopely to create a new level, but it seems like all they’re paying attention to is strange little 24-hour roadmaps and weird new recruits. Maybe they should slow down in every other regard and actually start adding to the World map, as they have fallen far behind the comics. Alexandria was introduced in Volume 12, the Hilltop in Volume 16 or so, and I think RTS has all but given up on adding characters from the new volumes, 27-31. Seriously, focus on the new stuff, people! No more random people like Erika, konrad, Koa, Aiko, Aris, and so many more… start taking them from the comics again! This game IS supposed to be based around the graphic novels, anyway…


The world map doenst need to be updated, with the roadmaps and the character stories we have enough cut scenes. Once you get the rewards the world map is boring and the rewards aren’t even that good. They need to fix territories and other parts of the game and just close off the story map.


You sure? 24 hour long roadmaps instead of infinitely long World Stages? Thanks, but no thanks.


The longer and more world stages the bigger the game and the more space it takes on your phone. The 24h maps are the best because they don’t stay on your device, you can skip all the dialogue and you get rewards for each level and the stage completion.


That is true, good point! Maybe they need to make the World Map worth your while, and add better rewards (like 5*s or trainers as rewards), things like that. But hey hey, if it’s not in the name of money what is it in the name of for Scopely?


I 100% agree, give us more weapon and character and Lilith drops from world maps. Maybe remove completed stages from the map and have new ones fill in


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