A list of 6* Characters we can get from ascension?


Been looking for a list that’s up to date sorry if I just over looked it and this post is unnecessary figured this would be the best place for up to date list though. Thanks in advance


There have been mention of these being updated by some IUGO people I think, though - so if you want someone in particular you’ll have to get em. Full list below but I think it is Siddiq, Glenn, Joshua and Gator right now.


For Ultra Rare (4*) and Epic (5*) Characters, see Lockdown’s post. Now, for Legendary (6*) Characters, the Ascending Statue in Town already gives off the list of characters you can ascend.

You just have to insert a specific, maxed Epic Character (At Level 80, Tier 4) as the core Ascending plus 8 other characters of the same rarity, plus the amount of medals (Both Ascendance and Golden Ascendance Medals) required.

You’ll know a character you have is ready for Ascendance when the Ascend button on it’s Stats screen unlocks, or when it becomes avaiable for ascending in the 6* list in the Statue menu.