A lesson to be learned

If you overhype a charector to what you want him to be he won’t be what you want … I gaureentee if gator wasn’t announced but Caroline was announced instead to be ascenndable shed get overhyped Try to expect however a simular sort of feel to them example if a toon is a healer then think it’s probably going to ascend to a healer because then you won’t be as disappointed the only reason gator looks bad is because he was overhyped I mean honestly think do you really think scopely are going to make a toon with the ability to steal someone’s ar if they did that he might as well have no ar whatsoever because there would be no point I mean why have an ar when you can just steal one… So at the end of the day when scopley announce a really crap toon to be ascenndable don’t expect him or her to be god lol


Hmm… If they ever Ascend Caroline, though, I’ll be sad for using her as Ascendence fodder for Ezekiel when it all began.

She was my first Epic… And I loved how she helped me out.


When things got really grim in the community, I told myself I couldn’t quit until Gator came out. I was looking forward to him that much.

This is a huge letdown. Huge.


What were you expecting?


It’s only huge because he was overhyped je really isn’t bad I mean. Let’s put it this way 5* blue shane he went from a good farmer to well da fuq tier basically hes bad worst thing is while he’s available as a 5* in presteige you’d never wast le on that 6* probaly best thing to do right now is not go argh wait til he actually comes out gator isn’t in game yet we don’t even doe how he performs he has his advantages and disadvantages until he’s in a stash or whatever he is neither good or bad

Yeah. True enough. Especially the hyped part.

There seems to be a pattern with assumptions in this community…


If any of u are in the line chat twd library you would have known it was very likely gator was not gunna have mimic… its just waayyyyy too op… why would scopley make such an overpowered toon?

Be glad for what we have gotten…


I didn’t expect mimic. Too new, too potentially game breaking, even SWGOH doesn’t have that.

I expected something great. Something more than just niche useful. Something I couldn’t wait to ascend. Glenn was that way.

This… This is something I’m not even sure is worth the medals.

And keep in mind, I’m usually pretty positive.

Gator could have originally been a healer I think gator is probably more useful than most would think we have to wait til he comes but one thing I do know he’s the best leaked out batch vk Leaked I really don’t like that Kelly 6* the more I look at him Just seems a worse glenn lol

Mimic is still a possibility in the future, but on a p2p basis, only for the most dedicated payers.

Just compare him to these

I didn’t expect a 6* Priya. Didn’t expect a mimic either. Just something that would change the game for me.

Here’s how I view Gator:

Will he change my offense? No.
Will he change my defense? No.
Will he make SR easier? Not really.
Will he make farming humans easier? No.
Will he make farming walkers easier? No.
Will he make taking towers easier? No.
Will he change my tower team? Maybe. If I run out of things to ascend.

SWGOH makes useful characters all the time. My biggest obstacle there is the 5 person team limit. There are so many good characters, it’s actually hard to choose who makes the cut.

I guess I did learn a lesson, though, like the OP said.


I haven’t decided whether hes good or not because I’m low on medals after ascending my 12th 6star but lots in my fac are happy with his stats and abilities

I’ll refute this one point

YES. Provides defense and large drop bonus VS Rosa who only provides large drop bonus, or Medium drop bonuses that provide less Stat buff.

Other than that I agree with your overall sentiment.

True. I admit, defense is useful for humans. Though the situations where defense is needed for human farming is somewhat limited, for me at least

If they bring the old gear maps with humans back, he’ll be pretty useful for that, I’ll admit.

And camo is totally useless for humans. If it gave a chance to dodge a hit, or provided some practical bonus, I’d change my tune.