A lesson from Arthur Blank

I wish scopely would take a lesson from Arthur Blank. If your not familiar with the story, Arthur Blank is the owner of the Atlanta Falcons (amongst other things). He decided to reduce concession prices this season by fifty percent to make them affordable. Amazingly enough, concession revenue increased by 16 percent. Not only did it increase, but he actually had a happier fan base.

I’m not sure why scopely doesn’t follow this model or where they come up with their pricing. Instead of the GPS/CANTEEN offer that is floating around for $100 (seriously I spend on this game but if your buying this deal, shame on you), would it be better to sell it for say $20. I would be shocked if there wasn’t a 6 to 1 ratio of players buying that for $20 instead of $100 (which would lead to a 20 percent increase in revenue 120-100).

The price of gear and trainers to progress in this game is outrageous. Players want to spend if they are happy and the deal makes sense. Im there will be way more coin sales with this %50 than there have been in a while. Good deals and listening to the customers is all you need to keep this amazing game alive.


the current coin offer is a nice move on scopely’s part. 12,250 coins for $100 US. to be honest. that should be the new price period. in addition - start adding coins to prize pools. give us game currency so we can decide what we want to use our winnings on or something like that.