A.I for Tanks in defence. Needs improving?

I’ve noticed in most teams Tanks tend to get left till the end when attacking.
Not just by me but other I have spoke to do the same.

Leave them till last and then just barrage them.

In attack. Negan who everyone thinks is worthless is great imo.
With his active skill he is able to help control the battle.
Having a heal when defending weapon on him and getting him to taunt at the right time has amazing results.
Maggie, Wyatt, etc… all seem a lot more useful in a attacking team.

Is this because of the games A.I when defending?
The AI isn’t great at using Tanks as they need to be used?


With the current weapon situation (unless you get Bruce or Michonne) I don’t really want battles to become harder.
But I don’t think Tanks are getting the respect and usefulness they deserve in defence.


Most of the time the a.i. does simple attack vs use active skill so yes tanks are rendered less useful on defense. I guess it’s hard to code active skill a.i. because some AS you dont want activated right away.

Hmmm that random heal weapon you mentioned sounds real interesting. Have u tried it with both maggs and negan? Thank u for that interesting info i’m getting a bit tired of the same ol crafts :grinning:

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Abe pops a lot too.
Taunt with AR and constantly healing.

If he gets in too much trouble his active skill comes into play.
I hate the current weapon tactics of all stun, impair etc…but I know it’s the best way to defend…but still like to make unique weapons and give them a try.

But yeah Scopley should look into AI improvement for tanks and possibly healers.
Add some strategy to defence teams again.

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Abe is severely underrated
Biggest use against Erika teams with his ar
Plus can’t get anyone else killed unlike the pain splitters due to easy exploits with it
You can get 2 people killed the tank and the information toon it applied 2
His active is nice also as he can 1 v 2 people really well lol and the 100 defemse stacks with his imdom

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