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Pvp needs to be seriously looked and definitely needs an improvement! Ive played many games where pvp was constantly changing with either buffs or debuffs but the more flameproned option is to buff characters or tweak them.

I suggest we please add an immunity for 1 turn after a debuff has subsided. For example after a toon has been confused, taunted,impaired or whatever debilitating debuff for an amount of turns they immediately receive an irremoveable 1 turn immunity to that said debuff. Its very frustrating to be bombarded with the same debuff over and over. I myself have done this offensively but it creates a better meta for both offense and defense. This also creates longer battles so whoever is on offense cannot delay the opposing enemies ar with impair,stun or confuse. We can also suggest creating toons with Ar’s or As’ which give immunity to said debuffs or just create leaders who give an immunity to whatever debuff like “all team members receive immunity from impair”. I can go on but I think it would be agreed by the majority of the playerbase that this would be a welcoming addition to the meta.

Please comment constructive criticism because we all want this game to thrive and flourish.


I personally think combat is a bit too easy right now. In the 5 star era my defense could go a full hr without being destroyed once against even the best players in my region at the time. Now I’m lucky to get a single defend before my camp is burning against the best teams in crw. This would make attacking even easier so I don’t like the idea. I think we need a larger character pool to choose from so we have diversity back in teams again and also we need more gear that is easier to obtain to level what we have.


This player base doesn’t like it.
Even if you did it, how would you treat getting hit with a rebuff WHILE debuffed? For example I confuse your Carl, he hits your wyatt with a stun sword, can munch stun swords not work on wyatt until after he’s run out his stun plus one turn? What if he’s confused and stunned at the same time, do I lose effect?

Yeah naaaaaaah


Please explain how it would make the offensive player kill you faster?


That can also be looked at as well, since we cannot stack increasing buffs or decreasing buffs, they could just make an immunity to all debilitating debuffs for 1 turn.


If they cant be stunned or confused back to back it will make attacking even easier and put even less strategy of who to hit and when and what active skills to use.


But when they have the immunity, your options are to just either defend or hit them, but lets say they have a stun weapon, do you want to that risk? So it creates an even more dynamic on who you want to attack. Example you activate your Ar or As, the debuff has subsided, the toons have an immunity, which toon do you want to attack?, the one with a stun on defense or impair or just defend, if you choose attack you take the risk and if you defend you basicaaly just gave them a free turn to do whatever.


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THey could improve older toons by adding immunity to their Ar’s for an x amount of turns. Another suggestion i have is your toons could bring an additional piece of gear but it has passive effects. Examples could be extra atk,def, crit or hp, immunity from a certain debuff, etc.


@CombatMan Some intersting stuff to read. :slight_smile:


Thank you! This game has its ups and downs but ultimatley everyone wants to enjoy it. The immunity and additional piece of gear suggestion isnt just for the pvp meta, it could be brought into Sr and Faction Assault. The higher you get into Sr, the difficultly incrementally builds but for alot of players they don’t have certain toons to just remove these debuffs. It doesnt change the fact thats it will be difficult, but for 1 turn that could be a gamechanger and in the end the player has a more appreciated experience. Passive gear can be ultimately debated but it has great intentions. Some toons have locked and premieum weapons, passive gear can be the same. Some toons could have gear wih special traits or you could put a more suitable piece for the occasion. Scopely can make money yes, but it creates more variety. More atk or immunity?


If it ain’t broke don’t fix it , a hundred other things to work on and fix before they start rebuffing toons again


But we’re not trying to fix “it”. Im suggesting additional variety and more tactical gameplay.


I don’t get that impression at all, just because you like something doesn’t mean everyone likes it.
I don’t think there is any need to add safety nets for weaker players. If you team isn’t good enough you need to work on it more.


This goes beyond skill. I’ve run into multiple teams w/ 5 alert characters w/ stun guns. There’s only 2 methods:

  1. Defend on turn 1, then use Shiva’s maxed active skill to stun 1 character for an opening, a strategy that’s so stupidly specific it’s completely impractical. Or
  2. Throw as much shit against the wall as you can and hope something sticks.

Special weapon effects have devolved the game into matches of pure chance that can only be stratagized against to a certain extent. Even with ones absolutely best, most precise team they still get made or broke by whether these effects take hold, which is determined by chance, not skill.

  1. Bruce
  2. Michonne


Pay to play characters that were only available for a limited time. Multiple people in my faction did 40 pulls for them and got nothing. Not a reliable strategy unless you had bottomless money when they were available.


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