A hacker in bemberg

@JB.Scopely we have a hacker in bemberg , and I’ve been reporting this player for almost a month , and every time I contact support I get the same bla bla bla answer .
And of course nothing happen
Please @JB.Scopely help us .
This player start hacking when he was prestige lvl 3 and he took almost all the top 1 rewards of lvl up , he even have exclusive season 2 toons .
And all support says is we need evidence . are you kidding me !
A prestige 4 and player lvl 15 have season 3 exclusive toons and you said you need evidence and he score 4-8 m on eqch lvl up ?!?!?
@JB.Scopely the game is already going down and if you keep up like this all the region will quite soon .
This is my last hope .

RIP Jahseh, I feel his presence with me everyday.


It’s not allowed to call out players on the forums. Send a message to support with the pictures. They will “investigate”.

There’s a good post ‘How to report cheaters’ that gives an alternate contact method instead of going through in-game support. I’m quoting a small clip of it, but there’s more good info in there if you read the whole post. Unfortunately, patience is definitely required.

They get thousands of inquiries a day apparently. So it takes a very long time to investigate every claim, most of which prove to be unfounded. It’s unfortunate because new hackers ruin new regions by winning all these prizes easily and they can’t be reversed.


They do ruin it, taking number 1 spot in the level up event for weeks.

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You mean they “won’t be reversed”. Of course they can be. They can reach into your account in the database and change anything they want. They have done it repeatedly in the past when it was important to them.

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Sure, they can ban the account and take away the rewards… I’m talking about the players that get screwed out of those rewards. Too much effort to go back and redistribute the correct prizes.

And do you think I didn’t ?!
I did that 3645745 times , friend.

I’m just saying it’s against the ToS to report players directly on the forums. This thread will get closed and deleted.

I can totally understand you. We’ve been facing russian hacker factions over multiple CRWs without anything happening.

I just want you to know, that you’re crossing a border here. Maybe you can report to JB directly over line or Discord.

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That’s my point. Do not confuse “too much effort” with “can’t”. They could update the people who got screwed, they just aren’t willing to.

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Thank you again , but I don’t have any other options here . even if I get banned from forum and they remove this hacker account , that’s alright for me .

You want them to go back and fix 3+ months worth of results? It’s impossible.

Again, it’s not “impossible”, and it’s not even much more difficult to apply it over a series of events vs 1 event. They have a complete audit log of everything that has been awarded, when and for what place. It could be done, they choose not to.

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So if a player gets fourth place and the hacker gets first… then he would have gotten moved into top three. Different amount of lug nuts. So now maybe he bought red Jesus, but with fourth would have had enough to buy Rosie… he bought Jesus and leveled him all the way up… what would you do in this scenario?? There’s just way to many variables. And that’s just one case. 51st to 50… 151st to 150th. Raid, war, Sr… it’s just insane.

Why don’t they programme an intelligent bot to count up the number of times a specific word (or a specific player account) is mentioned and then once the bot get enough hits, an automatic ban for 24 hours?

That would be a novel idea.

This is good in theory, but a group of people can just report bomb someone so they get b&.


I don’t think this works. I’ve reported many times via the method in that post, Cheaters are still playing.

That’s why I said patience is required. It takes time to investigate. A lot of reports are easily explained and dismissed. A lot of players can’t tell the difference between an actual cheat and another player who’s just spending or maximizing effectiveness (I get reports all the time of bugs that are easily explained if you know the underlying game mechanics).

Also, consider that a lot of hacks require a client update to fix. In that case, after you spend time finding the bug, fixing the bug, and deploying the new client to the entire playerbase, that’s when you can first start banning. If you ban before you plug the hole, they’re just going to start a new account and exploit it again, and on top of that they’ll aggressively market it before it gets closed.

Keep in mind, too, you can ban the account but they’re just going to be back, unless you take drastic measures like banning an entire country’s ability to connect - and even that’s inefficient, it hurts way more innocent players than hackers because the hackers will simply bypass the ban and connect from an IP space that’s not banned.

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Well that region is doomed to spend a huge amount of ressources or to be forever playing for the second place. I know because im in it, and the guy still comes back.