A guy on my faction recommends VK


Can you ban him please?

Trick him into calling towers. That seems to work


lo recomienda por sus hacks o por la informacion que pasa? ya que gracias a vk nos podemos enterar de cosas antes de que jb o gr nos lo expliquen (ejemplo los nuevos personajes exclusivos de la temporada 4)

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Recommending it isn’t a crime lol


Right. Recommending a guy a page where he can buy illegal guns is not Illegal.
The same stuff is happening here.

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Completely different. Life and death does not apply to both situations, only one. Meaning recommending a gun site can get someone killed, will the same thing happen in this situation? I think even you can figure that out.


It’s definitely illegal if you do participate in illegal transactions, but I’m 99% sure it isn’t illegal for someone solely because he recommends it.

We had a faction mate using Vk. We all reported the person and he/she got banned.

The only way to buy is vk … also vk is scopley so


Nobody’s going to get banned based off of this type of forums post. There’s not even enough identifying information.

The best thing to do is to report it directly to the team that investigates cheating.

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No. Not true at all.


I don’t believe that for one minute … it’s been too long no way unless they are making money off vk that’s it’s stilloperating


Can’t be Scopely. Vk is far too generous.


define this new word generous for us

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Yes new word created by VK, definition is “not Scopely”.


what is not scopely like

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Not Scopely is a land beyond belief, only achievable by the people who look beyond the common knowledge they are fed.

but isn’t that why we use this fourm to speak to others who have done it

While it is possible, it is not the purpose. The purpose of the Forums is for Scopely to give us more of a reason to see that they are not generous.

You don’t understand programming at all. Microsoft releases patches every 4 weeks at least to fix security holes that other people find. That doesn’t mean they release security vulnerabilities on purpose or work with the people who exploit them. Every piece of software ever released has had security vulnerabilities in it that make it susceptible to hacking.

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