A Great Deal (15 chars)

I’m gonna take them :blush: rare occurrence to say I’ve seen a good deal on here :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wait for extreme sale…


He might need that today lol that’s a good deal if u need it get it. May never go on extreme sale.

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I have been waiting for extreme lol. I need em tho lol.

If more come in extreme I may buy them too. Got a couple 5’s to ascend :wink:

Buy them! Don’t listen to wand he will tell u once on extreme to wait for it to be free lmao. It’s his way :slight_smile:

Already bought chief :stuck_out_tongue: I had been waiting for extreme, but it’s needed. And I got basils from T5 assault. Majority of my faction got bennies, earrings or flare guns lol