A ghost in territories?

A fac mate took a territory and now it seems bugged, his teams no longer on it but when people attack it and kill his team they auto lose, the whole regions in an uproar and very upset. He cant remove this team cause the teams not on it. Ive had fun with it but the tears of the region are getting old now, anyone experience this before?


Are you in talbot? We have same issue everyone faces a Not team then it just restarts…have your mate try to reattack this terr maybe or try placing the team somewhere else?


Lol yes thats us, theirs no team on it tho

We tried putting a reg team in, etc but nothing

Has he tried placing that team somewhere else ? Personally other than a wasted.energy it’s nothing to cry about idk why people are upset. Now If it was a crit terr then yes. But 1 of 4 5* token terrs meh

Lol its funny it literally shows no team then game crashes…but your boys defense looks super dope lmao

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I will ask if he can put it elsewhere but his team is dead so idk if he can

Best damn defense in the game :rofl:

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Would he be willing to drop out of the faction and rejoin when faction events have ended, I’d guess that would solve it

Sure i will let him know to leave the faction during faction sr :crazy_face:

Hmmmmm…maybe that’s why I said when faction events have ended…

If you find out how trigger the game to do this I’d love to know… For science / just trolling


Would be a great way to make the entire region cry when 5* territory open up again


Or take crits and watch the region have a complete meltdown

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101 ways to mess up territories without trying to lol

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