A funny story about transfers



So I started out in Dougherty. Things became less than nice there so transferring seemed like a great idea. I transfer to Wilkinson and things are good I’m leveling up, running SR, doing raids, then I said hey I’m gonna go mess with some people in Troup, so I swap over there joke around a bit, then figure I’m going back to Wilk. It shows a level 1 account instead of mine, so after a few tickets to support and a mild heart attack I re join Wilk, boom I’ve got my account back, I reply back to support it’s a visual error I have my account back, sorry. The usual stuff. Then yesterday after doing some pulls for Glenn and beta, candle roadmap let’s do it. Half way through the second act mid stage my screen goes black and I’m back in Dougherty minus SR, raids, leveling, rts tokens, beta collection, and everything else from the time I left. @JB.Scopely I know you’re a busy guy but is there anything that can be done to fix this or is it a keep surviving here’s a bloody tee shirt situation? For the rest I hope this either made you laugh or possibly say what a schmuck


Heh, I had a teacher in high school named schmuck rotfl


Yeah after I transferred from one of my regions I went back there and joined with a noob account to lurk gc. I immediately got a message on line from one of my old fac mates saying he knew what my noob account was and sent me a screenshot. When I asked how he knew he said he had checked old messages from my old account and when he clicked on my profile it showed the brand spanking noob account. Weird. Hope my account dosen’t get glitched in the future but oh well lol


Sounds like someone has a stalker… lol


Update still no response about any of this


Final update not even a bloody tee shirt, nor a keep surviving, not any compensation. This is why people go to their app store provider and refund


Something like this happen to me as Well, Transferred right after level up and right before they stop all transfers for days. did survival road few cake crate pulls etc while on new region. since transfers locked i had to make a baby account on old region to let the guys there without line whats going on and to sit tight till its fixed. everything fine until transfers were fixed, i tried to go back let those on old region know they were fixedd and instead it deleted everything i did since i transferred, so the coins i used on cake crates, survival road prizes, anything else i achieved in those 2 days are gone.

at this point i rather just move forward then lose progress i made in blitz war, but thought i would share this is happening to others as well. accounts randomly resetting and losing progress. lesson i took from it is never go back to old region, or risk losing all progress


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