A ftp ascendable 5* each month?

the way scopely doing things lately pushed many players out of the game, and they still doing it wrong,

No wars , no gears ,no XP mission and more than that I still don’t have shiva!?!?!?

Wtf I got my 3rd Jesus shiva force just a few moments ago , I have 3 Carls and 6 Ezekiel and many other double toons?!?

Your pushing more and more players to stop the game,

I mean you are giving a free ascendable 5* each 4 weeks, does this look logical?

If you are a f2p player you will need a 5 months to get a full 6* team, and of course that team will not work out, :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Please we need a big change .

No wars? We’ve had two this week with another starting tomorrow :joy:

You also think they should give out more than one free ascendable per month?

Fuck knows I enjoy bashing $copely as much as the next guy, there’s so much wrong with this game it’s unbelievable, but if you want your concerns to be taken seriously you gotta talk sense dude.

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Wyatt in January, Vincent in February, Rick in March…

I’m not defending Scopely, but they are actually handing out 6 stars which can be gained on a F2P with a bit of effort. I totally agree we need more legacy ascendables, but even those are only any good if you have them. For example, I couldn’t give a toss about Lori because I don’t have her. But I was the first to moan about the delay on releasing Governor.

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Absolutely agree with that, the rate at which they released legacy ascendable was disgraceful & clearly geared towards hoping people would buy premier recruits instead. Has improved recently though, think it’s only Lori & Aaron we’re waiting for from the original list, may have missed someone, but it’s a start.

I think I got this all wrong, and forgot Maggie too.

Point still stands. We are being given free ascendables.

Yeah but to nitpick they have all been melee since Dwight and Dwight was way harder to get than any of these by a mile. Would it have killed them to alternate between melee and ranged?

Mothere are more ranged in the premier than f2p. I am not sure if that’s on purpose or an accident of ignorance, but the majority of red and blue 6* are premiers. Mirabelle, siddiq, Dwight, Shane, yumiko and Gov only ones I can think off opposed to Zeke, Wyatt, Vince, Barker, Gator, Rick, Maggie, Carl, Shiva… That’s just top of mind. I am sure I am missing something…

All active f2p players from my region got Vincent, Wyatt, Magie, Rick, Mirabel, Tyreses’s, Governators, Dwight’s etc… And most have Carl’s and shiva’s

By my count there are 32 ascendable so which are exclusively premier and 22 which have been available either from wheels or from events for free for those who put effort in.
Yes there’s a little more of a lean towards premier toons but I think the numbers are fair. I’m completely F2P and do not feel disadvantaged compared to spenders at all.
The op saying “if you are F2P you need 5 months to make a full 6* teams” simply isn’t true is it? We get ascendables from token wheels (Mira, ty, Negan, Abe, shiva, Carl, yumi, zeke, etc…) and let’s be honest tokens are not in short supply. There are a few ascendables in depot now (Glenn, ty, gov). We get ascendables from free event, which to be fair to scopely have been pretty frequent, we’ve had the nugget events once a month, Dwight collection event, rise to power rick and login event for Maggie…

I hate siding with scopely but to be fair to them they are giving more than enough chance to f2ps as well as giving premier toons… Imo asking for more free toons is unrealistic but I wold like to see ascendables in war prizes.