A friendly reminder regarding the Rules and Guidelines


Hello everyone,

It’s frustrating to have to make this post – but there is behavior that will no longer stand within this forum.

You can disagree with someone, and their ideas, but please no more back and forth insults, accusations, or outright dogpiling.

If you abuse the flag system going forward – you will be immediately banned.

If you message another user and harass them via PM – you will be immediately banned.

If you gang up to try and harass or push another member out – you will be immediately banned.

If you spam the forum spreading drama rather than ideas and help – you will be warned. If it continues – you will be immediately banned.

We will no longer tolerate bullying, dogpiling, or ganging up of any sort.

This type of action will result in an immediate ban.

This was requested from quite a few of you from within the community and I thank you for coming together to try and combat negativity within the forum.

Let’s continue to do our best to make the forum the best it can be.

Thank you all for your time.

How about something positive for a change?