A free debuff toon is really needed

Scopley needs to come out with a good debuff toon that’s free to all that everyone has because with the changing meta if u don’t have those few really good toons like Alice dale ect ur kinda screwed


Here’s one you can get free from the SD.


That’s a buff toon, not a debuff toon. A debuff toon lowers the enemy’s defense or attack.

Here are some freemium debuff toons: yellow Negan, faction assault Tara, yellow maggie, Red Rick, yellow Connor, Blue Spencer, Red wanderer, yellow Javier, red rose, and blue Dwight. Hope this list is useful!


Connor… Jeremiah for those that played those LUs…


Harlan and Duane also have debuff active skill

Yellow Sandy

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Carson as well


Most of these characters are useless. Best debuffs are atm Jeremiah, Harper and Diego.
Green command Heath > all debuffers in the game. Your team almost has double stats with his rush.

And command Dale

I know those characters are better, but we’re talking about freemium debuffers here. A freemium player may not have access to those characters. The bar for “useful” is far lower for a freemium player.

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I wish I had myself a Carson. He seems like he’s one of those few 5 stars that’s still useful, kind of like heath or guardian dr Stevens.


Well op asks for a Debuffer and references Alice…

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The main point is that a good buffer is superior to all these free debuffs you listed above. SR Ezekiel and Heath, correctly used outmatch 6* free debuffs.

Best one so far is jeramiah in my opniion right now i am using blue retribution 2 Laura and then you have the attack debug that is red Hershel that I have there is also Spenser but I rarely use him

A buffer works well also like glenn, i use to run abe as my melee lead, i use mira now and the 50% attack buff helps so damn much! With a buff for attack above 60% you will notice the difference in your attack team, ideal would be a toon that buffs the teams attack and debuffs the enemys defense but of course i am dreaming as that would be insanity to give for free.

This is untrue. Debuffing the enemy by -50% is a greater advantage than giving yourself 85% buff



i would prefer carson in a few more cases but he works well for me


A lot of debuffs can be countered by guardian shields (remember Wanderer gate right ?) Moreover, debuffs don’t last long (2-3 turns ?). I’ve tested all the debuffs I have and I’ll stick with Heath for a loooong time. I’m attacking faster with a huge stats buff compared to a debuff build.

Yellow Carson is a real good defbuffer -60% defense and attack to all enemies

I assume you have a typo as it is not 60%

He does pass through guardians though

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