A few suggestions

Here’s a list of my most desirable improvement suggestions. It’s not all something I have came up with myself. It’s probably something you’ve already seen in one way or another in the old forums.

I’m gonna try and categorize the suggestions properly. But I guess all of them can be seen as “Quality of Life” improvements.
These suggestions are mainly aimed at $copely and I will refer to them as “you” in my suggestions.

Faction Management
:black_small_square:️Give everyone (but most of all us faction leaders) more statistics ingame, overall statistics but also connected to a tournament or event. Past nicknames used (or even a permanent account name, not the same as your nickname), average warscore per war, highest level up points scored, coins used during a war, refills used during a war, towers taken during a war etc etc.
Something to make it easier for factions to recruit and for players to show what they are made of.

:black_small_square:️Customizable title management.

:black_small_square:️Ingame character library. Where all toons can be viewed (fully leveled, and with details on how to aquire them). Here’s your opportunity to also show which 5* s that will be ascendable in the future.

:black_small_square:️And for crying out loud give us a ingame event/tournament calendar. A reliable one…

:black_small_square:️Lockable weapons

:black_small_square:️With the ascension update we won’t be able to earn as much SD Points as before. Because we need the 5* and 4* to ascend. So give us better ways to earn SD Points. As well as more regular updates of the SD toons.

Tournament Suggestions
:black_small_square:️Survival Road Speedrun Tournaments (Refills should be rewarded everytime a Road is completed I.e Bronze or Silver).

:black_small_square:️Survival Road Endless Tournament (not time endless but stage endless. The one that can travel the furthest down the road will win).

:black_small_square:️Special Wars. After the 6* update every damn roster with 5* s became more or less worthless /valueless. This is how you fix this $copely…
Limitations to which type of teams or weapons we can use.
Only 4* toons
Only 5* toons
No weapons with special stats
Etc etc

Rewards & Offers
:black_small_square:️Redo the rewards completely. Some of the rewards are a kick in the nuts for people. Not only top rewards. Lower tier rewards as well.
If you are gonna give us prestige tokens as faction rewards then increase how much we are getting.
If you set a 2 mil milestone in a level up don’t give us 1 piece out of the 14 needed to ascend a 6*. (I’m referring to that ridiculous 2 mil milestone in a level up where we got ONE whetstone).
Don’t give us bags with the chance of getting multiple of one type of gear and none of the other type. If we used 4 5* at T4 to reach a milestone in a level up atleast give us the guaranteed gear to T4 two more 5*.
If you want factions to fight for a prize in wars you make it worth their time. A non-ascendable 5* isn’t a first prize reward to fight for. As 95% of the 5* toons are only valuable as ascension fodder for a top 3 faction.
So if you want us to fight for a reward, don’t give us worthless rewards.
The same thing goes for most of these offers.
Short summary for you $copely: don’t be cheap with the rewards. They aren’t rewards if they aren’t rewarding.

Resource Management
:black_small_square:️The option to convert/craft EVERY item/part/resource/XP trainer. As it is now most people have alot of one thing and very little of something else. Let us convert two flak jackets to one beanie if we have alot of jackets but no beanies.
Let us ascend 2*/3*/4* trainers equivalent of what they are worth in XP. If I have 15 Burts that is equivalent of a Benedict then I should be able to ascend them into a Benedict.
Let us convert wood to food and vice versa. I don’t care if we are punished with a shitty return ratio. As long as it’s possible.
Let us convert/craft all parts in the armory. I’m sure everyone has something they have very little of (crude bronze anyone?). You probably get my point by now.

:black_small_square:️In faction trading. Ranging from resources to toons. Charge us appropriate amount of coins. 50 coins for resources and 500-1000 for toons. I added the coins option because I know $copely wants to make money, otherwise they won’t add it.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten half of the things I had intended to write in this post.

Final suggestion to Scopely.
Listen to your players, not only to their money. I’m sure you have lost alot of big spending players when you made their hard earned rosters useless competitively. Sure they might be able to ascend alot of the toons they have. In a year or two.


I didn’t read it all, but I read a lot and it seemed pretty spot on. One thing that may be worth mentioning is the ability for leaders and coleaders to remove/move other player’s teams/flags in territories

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