A few suggestions in war

  1. An immediately start button in war - If both sides agree, war starts immediately or 30 seconds later. Don’t need to wait for that 6 min.

  2. War body in - if there is not enough players for, say 20 minutes, fractions can select ‘auto fill in’ max 2 members. The 2 members cannot be played as generals. They cannot attack or stack in towers during the war.

  3. War challenging mode - it is to reduce the searching time. Searching time is too long in some cases (more than 45 minutes!). Fraction can select the challenging mode to challenge much more powerful fractions after searching for 20 minutes. Certainly the other fraction must select accept challenging. Maybe there is some bonus points for less powerful fractions (say +10% points)

  1. Like the idea, 6 minute to scout is utterly pointless.

  2. This is open to manipulation, although I wouldn’t be against a 6 v 8 war, if the team with 6 don’t want to wait to fill up.

  3. this only benefits lower ranked faction, they could be getting matches & higher ranking teams left searching because their usual opponents are busy fighting lower ranked factions, if that makes sense.

do people actually waste energy to scout? Especially now where there is only a small chance of having 1 of 6 different teams. lol

Galaxy, how could part 2 be manipulated? I agree on these slots being filled. It shouldn’t be selected by the faction though, maybe an auto selection based on some set of rules that would keep the same people from being filled automatically all the time (also auto selected teams get no prizes).

Yes. There is a reason, even if just against dropped defenses :wink:

Scouting as a lot better when you could get war cans to drop

Heh. Fractions.

Good suggestions the wait time sucks, as far as scouting goes at least u get raid cans sometimes. Also some claim that scouting ups the chance of war can drops

These are some great ideas! @kalishane could you see if these are doable? Particularly #1 and 2

Definitely, useful for towers.