A few Questions about FB


Let me explain. Recently, my FB account has been disabled, because I, like many others, do not want to link my main FB account just to play the game. This put me in an awkward scenario. I had to choose whether to play on my PC through an emulator, or my phone, since I couldn’t freely swap between the two, logging in and out of my FB account like usual.

I chose my PC, but now I’m starting to regret that, and I miss the simplicity of using my FB to log in and be able to play whenever I wanted to. So with that, a few questions.

  1. Is there really NO way I could possibly have my game be associated with a different FB account? I find it hard to believe that the game data is stored through FB. After all, support can load your game save into another simply through an account code and sufficient proof.

  2. If I was to unlink my FB from my game, would that be my save… deleted? All those months of grinding, saving, warring, etc. All gone because of a FB link?

  3. Is there any way past this issue, other than “suck it up, deal with it. your fault for using a fake FB” ?

Thank you in advance for any help.


Dont bother trying to link to another FB. Not worth the time.

You can alternatively message support on your cell phone and ask for them to transfer your game data to that device. You’ll need a receipt of a purchase and information on your account, but you should have all of that so it will be an easy process.


You can also deactivate your Facebook, move it, then deactivate it again


Facebook only houses critical information to match to the account, like player code. The data is stored likely in the cloud or private game servers. Facebook login only provides a way to tie to a login that is not restricted to a single OS platform (iOS, Android). This is why you can move between an apple device and an android without any complication.

Otherwise using a Google play account or Apple account would potentially restrict you to their operating system. Facebook is the convenient work around.


I would like to delete my facebook too because I don’t use it for anything much except for logging into games, and I want to just delete my facebook but fear that if I do that there will be no way for me to get back into the game. I use an emulator too, but you have to login still with facebook I think, or maybe google play is sufficient enough? When I asked kalishane about this she told me to just keep my facebook in case and don’t delete it.