A few combat bugs discovered in this crw

1 - Priya active skill doesn’t remove elusive 100% of the time

2- if you have a toon that applies 2 different penalties and the opponents resist one , he will automatically resist the second one
Ex : priya rush confuse and impair , it happened to me a few time this war toon with only impair resist mods resist both impair and confuse.
So in other words impair mods resist both impair and anything in the incoming rush or active skill

3- Cameron bid when defending (when I swip to the right) deal no damage to payback and Tenacity toon .
(Even if I have enough damage to kill the Tenacity toon his hp will not go to 19% , but it stays the same befor using the defend action)
I don’t know if it is only for Cameron or all bid toon .
Need someone else to test with other toon

Any chance you can get these on video?

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