A Dying Region: The growing thread


Hello friends,

Welcome to Barrow [EN], a once thriving region full of competition, fun and friendship. Having been one of the original regions of the game, we’ve seen our fair share. But let me introduce you to the last month and more importantly, the last CRW.

Our #1 player retired a few weeks back due to personal reasons. One of the better folks in our region, sad to see him leave. After this past CRW, 6 people in our top faction left, one in my faction retired and another was bumped to the top faction.

There’s talk of our #1 faction disbanding for the final time, due to lack of interest in the game and too much invested seeing too little in return.

Now we face trying to fill our faction with anyone who may hold interest in Road To Survival, and anyone not retired.

Take a look at our level up leaderboard. How does ours fair to yours? Is your region facing the same downfall? Share your story.


Yes, it is depressing, becaise it feels like, after talking to them for 3 years, you’ve lost a friend, even if you only know them by a screen name


Screven less than 500 people scoring this levelup and that’s with necklaces is sad.


Except such an approach is boring and drives players away. When frustration exceeds the enjoyment of playing, players leave.




This is how dead my region is (Sumter)

And more players leaving by the day.

Edit: added region


Sizin bölge bizim bölgeye göre çok daha iyi durumda. Benim bölgemde ( collquit. Tr ) şu an 180 oyuncu var. Ve hergün birçok oyuncu emekli oluyor.


Would be good to get the region names with the pics … Only 85 people that’s real bad…


Added my region to my post :slight_smile:



OMG… that is miserable. I give you credit. I wouldn’t be playing still. How sad.


I know this is a cliche, but Im only playing because of my faction mates. They are awesome.

But, I am close to just deleting the game. It’s becoming more of a chore now


Only 651 people have posted a LU score in Bibb region.


So brutal. Not even enough to completely fill 3 factions. :pensive::slightly_frowning_face:


745 on the board in Lanier top 135 are 1 million or better. 2 million puts you 34th right now


Marion region right there with you, but when I see a region like what @ScreamQueen is dealing with it makes me thankful to be in a medium activity region.


Region: Barbour


Nope. We do have players from our faction that go to the other 2 dead-ish factions to make them more active, but can’t be sustained for long :frowning:


Region: Wilkinson

Top 150 @ 1mil+