A Discussion: The Red Meta

Before the release of Sclass, Red was the main meta due to Zach, Mia, Dale, Negan, Ryan, Jiangfeng at the very end, and Rocky Lead. Sometimes there was a Michelle lead to help put a yellow or two in such as Raven, Doc and Elle, and we would also see the odd Greens such as Wayland and Amber… but it was mainly based around Red. The release of Zach defined when the red meta was created imo since he was so far out of left field in his power upon release that he rewrote everything. Even the only 6 star rainbow lead aside from SC Andrea is Red Lydia (not that she’s anything to write home about tbf).

Then came the first Sclass in Pete, another red. Priya came afterwards to try and counter this with Blue trait and the new daze, but anybody waiting a couple of weeks got to see that Laopo outclassed Priya in everyway but damage. Then there was Raulito who is the ultimate bleed causer in the new powerful bleed meta, again, Red. When players got to pick between the new Sclass toons, one being red, one being green, most picked Crista, due to her out-traiting James. Also because she fit better into teams already set up for the red meta. So when the next free Sclass to be given to everyone was released, it would have benefitted the balance of the game immensely, for it to have been anything but red. But Kapoor, is of course, red.

There are currently 9 Sclass toons. 4 of which are red. 1 of which is blue. This doesn’t create the best of trait balances in the game. Green is in the worst spot, even with Laopo, despite there being some pretty decent greens, due to trait weakness; blue doesn’t really have much going for it in attack aside from Priya and maybe Cole and Gen 1 Morgan, and only then, due to the fact that red is so prevalent; whilst yellow is currently in no man’s land with no collectables obtainable through choice boxes for Hyengen or Aarav (Aarav is still in the wheel but Hyengen isn’t), and basically not having trait advantage against most opponents because most barely run blue outside of Priya for defence since that trait is pretty lacklustre aside from a few toons like Cole (and only then due to turn 1 taunt onto an impair/stun shield). Plus Priya tends to fold on defence.

I believe that the game needs a shake up from the last 4 to 5 months of red being the dominant trait.

What’s your thoughts?

Edit: side note, when I make statements such as ‘blue doesn’t have much going for it in attack’ I am generalising. I realise that there are some powerful blue attack teams out there. I myself tend to run yellows despite it being a red power meta. What I’m stating is that red is so much easier to make an attack or defence team with its top toons in comparison to the other traits.


Don’t worry, they do this on purpose. Once everyone has a mostly ftp red team they will start with the stupid op blue promo’s.


I think this is called “predatory practice on the part of developers”. :wink: Sooner or later you’ll see the blue OP s/class toons to counter this “red flood”.


blue sclass frost coming this week

Blue S class Shiva coming our way that has a rocket launcher for a face instead of a cuddly tiger.


isnt there a green rosie and marlon coming ?

just to rub it in the faces of those that brought the yellow 6* one lol

I love the red META! keep it going please

I ran on offense, s priya, doc, Zach, s pete, Raulito… even as a 6* Raulito is awesome and there wasn’t a team I couldn’t beat… took down s pete, 2 Zach, 2 doc with ease…

Defense was s pete, Zach, s priya, s kapoor, s christa (s14) and was only destroyed a couple times, untouched in countless wars…

Zach being free with 100 pulls signals a big change coming for me and I think s class are about to get insanely powerful… pete priya Raulito are just a taste of things to come

I’m just waiting for the s class shield at this point

Austin powers correctly foreshadowed sharks with laser beams attached to their heads…

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Yup just waiting for the next op blue attack toon …it’s coming

When life makes red the dominant trait, use defense/attack vs alert mods.


Sure, but it’s 100 pulls on a 6* wheel in the S class meta. Zach is still ok for now, but for how much longer?

Red meta is just a thing right now because they’re putting out more red S class than anything else right now but I’m still destroying teams with S class Pete Raulito Christa and Kapoor this last war with a 4/5 blue team right now where all the blues weren’t s class it’s the same problem reds have always had in the game

Also saying Priya is not as effective as Laopo is wild sure Laopo does his rush to the whole team but Priya actually takes out fools with ease and gives crazy control with her rush and weapon

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inb4 Blue shield

I absolutely agree that strong blue attack teams are possible, same with any other trait. What I’m saying though is that red are dominant at the top of the meta right now, and it stretches back to months before Sclass. Currently Priya is the blue meta.
When was the last time you saw a strong blue based defence?

blue shield won’t help since people need more attack power, not defense

Laopo is a lady.

Excellent review I agree 100% the lack of more useful blue attackers is becoming annoying. After reading your analyze I checked the tower and I was shocked to see the last great damage blue toon, except Priya was, TOBIN! How much time was passed since his release? A lot right? After him we got some pieces like Julie (not really a big thing), Regina (average at best with main heal toons like Aarav), Harrison (nice lead but not a super killer) to name a few. Not only a SINGLE useful damage toon. But when we analyze the remaining traits, green, yellow and mainly red, we have a evident unbalance since all those 3 traits got exceptional pieces for attack when blue got nice toons for defense and control but poor damage options.

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Honestly never but it’s been a long time since even a strong green defense was a thing…basically beginning of 6* with Carl lead and not many options…I agree free war toon should’ve been a choice again it was red/green pick last time should’ve been blue/yellow this time to mix things up

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Always forget that lol