A dangerous trend



I’m pretty sure u guys can run some sort of internal report to check activity of accounts trends. I seriously urge you to run a few on some regions to compare activity or log in hours say during “last year this time” then pair it to current activity or log in hours.

I can assure you if people didn’t quit yet they have drastically dropped their play time or dedication to the game.

I know its impossible to please everyone but if above can be checked (and im sure it can) then maybe it is really time for an immediate turn around in operation.

From experience in my region - activity is dropping by the day by both retirements and less log in hours. Im in Barrow btw if ud like to check it.

I hope above can help u guys realize that things are really aint going in the right direction.



now they can track activity via faction assault tickets i guess :grin:


ya that’s true, however what I really want is for comparison between nowadays and the game’s peak which was imo last year about same time. I think results would be shocking


you can see it in apple or google store top grossings. There are websites that keep track of historical data but probably require subscription.