A crossover between “The Last of Us” and this game would be cool

If you want to,come up with ideas for characters list them below

If I were to see Joel n ell in twd, I’d put my device down and turn on my ps4 for something actually enjoyable, like tlou


They have nothing in common, they “infected” in The Last of Us are not even considered zombies.

They got YouTubers now you want other game characters? You have a better chance of seeing TLoU characters make an appearance in some other highly rated zombie game like UNKilled, much like how Ubisoft teamed with Legacy of Discord and FF: Brave Exvius. There’s another game but I forgot it’s name. Why these guys anyway?

The Last of Us is without a doubt the best-acted game of all time. Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson made the characters of Joel and Ellie come to life with their amazing work and on top of that, the game was worth playing.


If you haven’t played it pick it up on Ps3 or 4. Here is a game that is worth your time and money. Good news is that there is a sequel being worked on.

That being said I don’t see it working as a crossover. Completly different stories and universes.


You think naughty dog would want to be associated with this game?
Naughty dog are one of the best publishers in the world and you know if you see there name on a game care and a lot of attention went into development which cannot be said here, as half the current features in game are completely unfinished


State of Decay 2 comes out tomorrow for 30$. I’d pick it up if i were you

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Last of us was hands down one of the best games i ever had the pleasure of playing. Even after 100% it i still find myself booting it up from time to time just for the great experience it offered in gaming.


joel would wreck all these mfs so it wouldnt really be fair lol. tlou2 is gonna be great!


Can only hope so, im glad it wasnt rushed out after TLOU huge sucess should be something magical

also patiently awaiting the live action movie for both TLoU and uncharted

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