A crazy idea on region merging/helping new players


Ok, so Dade was recently merged and although activity picked up it seems there are some issues with players being so far behind that they feel they can’t compete (rightfully so). But what if there was a way to make lower level players feel important as well? Whats that you say? Players first? Oh… but of course. Honestly how hard would it be to have two divisions (whatever you want to call them) during tournaments within the same region? Same can be done with factions as well.


Solo level up
Any player that has a roster above a certain grade is part of the major scoreboard.
Any player below that threshold is part of the minor scoreboard. They will have better prizes than what finishing way down the list against the older players would be, and make it good stuff to help them get to the higher division. Make them be able to compete. And people couldn’t cheat what division they are in because it would be based off their total roster and the rewards wouldn’t be beneficial to you if you were higher and somehow played down a division. Give bonus rewards if lower division players placed within a certain area within players of the higher divisions. New players can’t hit these ridiculously stupid milestones for level ups. Hell some older players can’t do it either at the current rate of how fast they are coming.

Raids pretty much the same, but bonus points for winning a raid against higher division players, lower points for raiding lower division players… etc.
Trying to explain this while working, so hopefully it isn’t coming across indecipherable. Also, if you have any other ideas put them here.

@kalishane Hopefully you can “take this to the team” :smiley:


Easier thing would be to add gear maps more often if merge is such a problem, 5*s can be relatively easy obtained but gear maps are so rare that most will have problem going above t2, t3 will be nightmare for at least half a year.


Yes, that is easier, but doesn’t get the players as involved… Grinding away… the wars/raids/level ups are where the fun is. And if you can’t compete… it isn’t fun.


Indeed, if you can’t do anything you are faction placeholder. Game is currently slow in all areas (is it intentional or because of need to “iron” the bugs, no one knows, no one speaks), that will obviously affect player base cause it isn’t interesting to play at all like this.


And as a faction placeholder, some factions will kick you and then it gets even harder to move up or get gear to help out.