A Couple Thoughts

What was the cause and the reason to continue to start war on a Saturday and only run 48 hours @kalishane? When War, especially Cross Region, is the huge event, why shorten it? Seems so odd, and honestly, it is hurting the community. It is the number one event, the reason some of us are still around.

Will there ever be another Ultra Rare gear map that can be farmed? There was an Elite Gear map a few months back, but no Ultra Rare. We need a better way to get the gear and I am not talking about a wheel with the gear mixed in. Night vision goggles have become a problem and honestly, people are on the verge of leaving because of it. Have a friend, pulled New Michonne, has no long coats and it takes 18 to take that Michonne all the way to tier 3 as a 6*, that is 5 weeks of the daily gear map, probably less if the gear depot is nice on the RNG. The amount of world refills the community would drop on that gear map would more than make up for any “loss” you take from trying to sell the gear to us.

And lastly, the CRW prize is a collection character, do you have it confirmed which one it is yet?

where was it said that the CRW prize was a collection character?

I think its with the necklace pieces that is in the milestones that goes towards the gear or the new collection character Lucas.

Either way it’s not a CRW prize lol

This is true

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