A constructive post for onslaught - good bones but no meat

My initial reaction to onslaught were very similar to @thefox. However I thought about it for awhile today and I do believe this could legit be a very awesome addition to this game. The concept of it actually is good - I like that you can still attack after being destroyed (you shouldn’t have to be on immediately upon start as that’s what war is for). That being said, I don’t believe the current 3 period format is really correct. I would like to see this more as a daily battle with a matched faction - one period with a set number of attacks per player. If you insist on periods do 2 periods of 12 hours (people do sleep and asking for participation once every 12 hours is not unrealistic). Rather than running this as a 2 or 3 day event why not run it as a season long event or reset it each week same as season with 1 match per day. This could be an awesome added daily feature which would require coordination amongst a faction. This format would be very similar to a certain clan game by super cell and would be outstanding IMO. Also I do believe this is one place where scopley could try to avoid the need to monetize - rather than tilt the field to who will spend more for energy, bank on ppl spending on their teams - and they will!

Now the reason for the extreme bad reactions from the get go, the rewards… We just formed a new faction and are in a lower league and literally get 1000 food and 1000 wood every time we win a battle and very rarely a character or weapon token or elite item tokens (sometimes literally 5 elite item tokens lol). Then, upon completing the onslaught we receive no rewards? Did someone miss something here? We accrue points which effectively could be used for a milestone reward but instead do basically nothing. My thoughts - make the per battle rewards sweeter (think 100 minimum 5* 4* or elite item tokens). Also upon completion of an onslaught member participating should see some reward like they do currently for war. I also believe a milestone scale would be entertaining. As it is now, this is the piece that was most disappointing to players. Also the fact that we matched the same faction 3x straight lol

Again - can’t stress it enough good bones, but let’s be honest major issues to resolve. I don’t believe this idea should go to the scrap heap by any means but the idea of doing it as a 2-3 day event is flawed. Let’s change the concept and make it better than the wars we love so much!

@JB.Scopely please consider these ideas as I do believe the basic concept here is legit and worth evolving. I love the fact that u take ideas from the community and try to make things better!

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